Lockdowns have made traditional photoshoots difficult, if not impossible. But where there are constraints, creativity blooms. As the working world went online, some turned to remote (or FaceTime) photoshoots.
In Hope On(the)line, photographer Claire Petersen plays with the concept of a remote shoot, bringing technology to the fore. The quirks of the medium are on display, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the images.
Claire and model Rita Fraccalvieri have never met in person. Claire took the photos from her apartment in Berlin, while Rita posed in her family home. Rita usually resides in Berlin, but was stuck in Italy at the time due to travel restrictions. Technology brings them together for this collaboration, and hints at how people are staying connected—and creative—despite physical distance.
Times are tough. And yet, there is the hope that we will get through this pandemic, and artists will be able to safely collaborate on creative projects—in person—once more.

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